Saturday, October 17, 2009

GroBaby BioSoakers!!!

So I'm excited about yet another awesome product from The Natural Baby Company.

Being without a washer for over a month, possibly over 2 months now, I'm getting REALLY sick of handwashing diapers. I know, I know. Environment. Yeah.

I want my hands back.

So when I heard that they were launching their biodegradable and less evil than sposies line of Bio Soakers, I was pretty thoroughly looking forward to said release.

When I read today that they were running a promotion where established bloggers could blog about their new product and that they'd then send out a sample, I was even more excited, because frankly, I need this.

So yeah, disclosure- I'm getting free Bio Soakers for writing this.

So here's the deal.

They use an adhesive to attach to your GroBaby like the snap in soaker would, only with the advantage of being totally biodegradable. It's bigger than the regular soaker, so poo splosions are less likely to mean having to wash the shell. This is a great idea for travel. Most people aren't in the handwashing position I'm in, but would love to not have to cart around so much in the way of dirty diapers when on short trips. For that purpose, these, I've heard, are a godsend. I'm hoping they'll be a godsend for me too!
I mentioned biodegradable.
They're also perfume free, hypoallergenic, chlorine free, plastic free, compostable, dye free, and breatheable. What more could you want? They're as near to self washing that an eco-friendly diapering option can get. So yes, I admit it, I'm excited.
So swing on by the Natural Baby Company, and check out the Bio Soakers.
I doubt you'll be sorry, cuz face it, GroBaby are already dang cute.
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Dang Cute!

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