Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Baby Bond Review and Discount Code

Snapdragon is an exclusively breastfed baby. An exclusively breastfed, on demand, baby. This means he gets fed when he's hungry, regardless of where we are or what time it is. This means nursing in public if we're out and about if he gets hungry, and frankly, he's a boy who likes to "eat out."
Now, I am all about nursing in public without added wraps, covers, strange hats, and other such nonsense. I am not into throwing a blanket over my baby's head to feed him, and I don't think any woman should feel she has to cover up.
That said, sometimes I don't like being stared at, and Spouse really doesn't appreciate it when I'm showing enough cleavage to deserve to be on MTV, or worse still (in my opinion) flashing flabby stretch mark belly. No, you shouldn't feel self conscious about your belly, but I felt weird about mine before Snapdragon, so I'm surely not going to suddenly want to go showing it off now!
Even though I don't always want to flash skin, I do still want to be able to feed my baby without necessarily throwing a blanket over his head. I've had fairly good luck with a traditional nursing cover, but when I saw the Baby Bond, I was just delighted at the concept. Nothing goes over Snapdragon's head, but instead, it goes between us so I'm not being, in Spouse's words, "indiscreet," but at the same time, Snapdragon and I can have all the unhindered eye contact we'd like, and we do like unhindered eye contact.

Missy from Baby Bond sent Snapdragon the Couture in Riviera to try out, and I have to say I like it. First of all, the colors are really pretty without being overwhelming. I let Mongoosine pick the color, because I like to get her involved in my nursing relationship with Snapdragon as often as possible, because I want her to have good experiences with the idea of breastfeeding, so that when she grows up and has kids, she'll have more reason to feel comfortable with the idea of breastfeeding, even in public.

The Awesome:
The Baby Bond comes in a variety of grown-up and sophisticated colors, and even a lovely stripe.
The Couture version is a one-size and adaptable option so I didn't have to mess with sizes and measuring tapes.
The Couture can be wrapped around my belly, under my shirt, so as to work like a belly band and keep nosy eyes off my belly, or rather, let me relax knowing that no one is going to be staring at it, not that they would, but comfort is *hugely* important when you're Nursing in public.
The Couture can be worn in a sash-like manner over the breast so that there is an opening between the layers so the baby can access the nipple without exposing the rest of the breast.
Despite my inability to figure very simple things out, it is quite easy to use, and has the instructions sewn inside it, with pictures, so you don't have to worry that you'll forget what you're doing.
Diaper-Bag Friendly. It's self storing, and rolls up small and neat.
It's comfortable.
It's lightweight enough for summer, but not so flimsy that I would worry about the tatas getting cold in the winter.
It washes up well.
The Baby Bond allows you to use the majority of your regular wardrobe as a nursing wardrobe, so there is no need to buy a bunch of specialty clothing in order to avoid the "whipping it out" phenomenon.

The Slightly Less Awesome:
If you're petrified of the notion that someone might momentarily catch a glimpse of your nipple before your baby latches on or immediately following a feeding, well... the nature of the Baby Bond is to allow nipple/breast access without covering up the baby's head, so that might be an issue *if* you don't practice using it a few times at home first to get the hang of covering and uncovering.
There is a bit of a learning curve. I probably used the Baby Bond cover four times before I got the hang of putting it on quickly and efficiently. Once I had it down, I felt kinda silly for struggling to begin with, because it's actually quite easy to use. I just think that if you're shy, you should practice at home so you don't get flustered in public trying to figure it out the first time.

Overall Opinion:
"Feed Your Baby. Nourish Your Relationship." The tagline of Baby Bond sums it up pretty well.
I make no bones about the fact that I'm a bit of a lactivist, and so I am loving the Baby Bond because it means more nursing in public confidence without having to cover my baby's head.
I feel the Baby Bond is a wonderful option for a nursing mother, especially if you don't want to spend two arms and a leg on a new nursing wardrobe. And, not buying new specialty clothes is my favorite color.

Want one? Buy One. Head over to Baby Bond and check them out. There are two other versions which kinda rock too, one even has an integral burp cloth so no more "oops, I forgot the burp cloth and now I'm wearing hot cottage cheese" moments.
Missy even has a special offer right now, offering a free Meet & Greet with a lactation consultant via and Mother Love nipple cream, so what are you waiting for?

Be sure to use the discount code "paisley" for 20% off between now and October 31st!

Discolsure: Missy sent me the Couture Baby Bond to review. It came in a pretty box, and we've been getting to love it pretty hard for the last month, and that's the only compensation I've recieved, pleasant conversation withstanding, because Missy's pretty sweet too.

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Calley said...

What an awesome idea!

Ameya said...

EE! I'm so glad i found this!! I'm planning on getting one, so THANK YOU for this code! If no one gets it off my registry, i'll be buying this later this month! YAY!