Friday, September 18, 2009

A Swingin' Time

Snapdragon loves his swing.
He loves his swing a lot.
When first we received his Fischer-Price My Little Lamb papasan cradle swing, I did a little research. Here's what the customer reviews said. Basically, cute, sweet, but the seat tilts a little, and that's a bit, well, weird.
Because I had read this little seat tilting factoid, I was not surprised to find that the seat, indeed, tilted a tiny bit to the right. Maybe a couple degrees, it tilted. No big deal. I figured, its a tiny thing, no one has reported any problems that I've read, and of course I'll use the seatbelt.
Well, I didn't always use the seatbelt, but since he's started being more mobile, I always always buckle the seat belt. I haven't even attached the play tray more than twice because it tempts me to not buckle the seatbelt.
Well, on Wednesday I needed to get the dishes done so we could head to my mom's to do laundry, so I set him down, buckled him in and quickly stepped out to the kitchen. Moments after finishing the dishes I heard a sudden shrill cry. Something about it was different than what I was accustomed to hearing, so I set down what I was holding and immediately stepped back into the room where Snapdragon was wailing.
What did I find? A baby. My baby. My red faced, back arched like a trapeze act, screaming his lungs out, dangling from his seatbelt, upsidedown off the side of his swing baby.
That's right. Snapdragon tipped right out of the side.

No, I didn't get a picture, I grabbed him, not the camera.
Bye bye swing.

Yes, he's fine. He was upsidedown a matter of seconds, but I was fairly traumatized.
So, if you have a papasan/ctadle stule swing, check it to be sure there is no tilt to the seat. Your baby will appreciate it.

5 reflections:

Anonymous said...

Jesus, that would have scared the crap out of me!

Glad the little bugger is OK :)

Slee said...

It did scare me. I couldn't put him down for quite a while. There is something particularly horrifying about watching your four month old hang from a swinging contraption of doom while it played creepy caliope music (like the batteries were wearing out, although they were new)... Yeah, something about that makes a woman a little more upset than you'd suppose.

Carly said...

Please make sure you notify the company they need to recall the swing if its tilting like so many people are saying. So glad that he is safe.

Upstatemomof3 said...

Oh that is just awful!!! Sounds like it must have been so scary. We do not have that type of swing but Big Sister fell out of our bouncy seat a few times. I think I put it together wrong. I was planning on looking at it and seeing if I could fix it before Little Sister gets here but the longer it takes the more I feel like I may never put her down. :)

Talina @ Harvest Of Daily Life said...

WTF?? I have a swing like that, the sweat peace soothing center. Not sure if it tilts :-( Gonna go find out now!