Tuesday, September 22, 2009

International Babywearing Week:

It's international babywearing week, and I thought I'd start by listing MY reasons for babywearing, just in case you were wondering why us nutty ladies like to strap our screamin' babies and toddlers to our bodies so we don't get any no-touchy time, and can't escape our offspring.

1. When I'm wearing Snapdragon, he isn't screaming, he's generally pretty content.
2. Creepy people in public don't touch my baby when I'm wearing him, because they have to violate *my* personal space to violate his, and that's a lot more intimidating.
3. My hands are free and yet I still have complete control over where my baby is. With a stroller your hands are only free if you let go of the stroller, and I don't know about you, but that always leave me with an unpleasant feeling in the bottom of my stomach.
4. He's close enough to nuzzle and kiss.
5. I don't have to wonder where my baby is, if he's dangling from his swing, or otherwise upset if I have to get some housework done.
6. I don't have to have room in the trunk of my car for a bulky stroller.
7. I have room in the shopping cart at the grocery store for um... groceries, without balancing the "bucket" precariously where I'd rather set my milk, eggs, and bananas.
8. Snapdragon actually naps in the sling. I can't say the same for any other baby containment device.
9. I can breastfeed him discreetly and hands-free if I need to, even in public, like at my best friend's wedding when he was some 11 days old.
10. If I have a milk tastic leakage moment, it doesn't matter that my shirt is wet and spotty, because all anyone else is seeing is my lovely sling, and the cute baby in it.
11. It's really hard to run off with a baby who is tied to his mama.
12. I don't have sore arms from carrying my chunky baby like my spouse does.
13. Snapdragon visually explores his environment with more overt curiousity when he's being worn. I think he feels more secure.
14. Snapdragon isn't afraid of strangers when he's being worn.
15. Did I mention I can nuzzle and kiss on mah behbeh when I'm wearing him? Yeah. That.

What do you love about babywearing?

7 reflections:

Jessie Kaitlin said...

Great post!
I love wearing Sophia because people are less likely to touch her if she is all wrapped up :)

Annie said...

I totally agree with the point about actually having room in your cart for your groceries - that is SO why I do it too! Great post!

Anonymous said...

I agree with all of those things! I love wearing Peanut! Her head is close by so I can smooch it whenever I want.

Heather said...

I agree! Babywearing is WONDERFUL!!! To be honest, I didn't really wear my first 2 very much. But I had a horrible front carrier that was so uncomfortable. When I had my 3rd I got a Mobi wrap and I LOVE it! It's so nice, I couldn't imagine not wearing my baby now! I think sometimes it's just hard for people who've had bad experiences or have heard bad things about bwing to open up to it.

Slee said...

Should have added: strange dogs can't lick his face. We have had this problem once in a stroller before I made my pouch sling.

Upstatemomof3 said...

I love this - It's really hard to run off with a baby who is tied to his mama. That is why I originally bought our Snugli - and then it was uncomfortable and I did not have anything else and so babywearing did not become a part of daily life until Big Sister came around and I knew better AND she wanted to be held all the time. And now I just love it - I ake walks while wearing her sometimes just to get to do it.

Baby Beatnik said...

I love having Kairi close to me. I also like the fact that since I'm pretty much the only person in my town that baby-wears I get a lot of compliments. I'm not one to constantly want to be the center of attention, but I can't deny that I love getting compliments for my kids.