Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Woah, is there a break on this thing?

Wanna know something scary?
Do ya?


113 days ago, this used to be ... well, this.
I love my mummy. on Twitpic

Yeah. Hard to believe, isn't it? I can hardly fathom how my tiny little Snapdragon turned into my big little Mr. Cutes with all the personality. No, really, lots of personality.

These days, Snapdragon is smiling, cooing, babbling, blowing spit bubbles, playing with things, talking to the baby in the mirror, giggling, flirting, pulling up to sitting, latching on of his own accord, and oh yeah, rolling over. That's right. Rolling over. Both ways.

This has created some new and interesting challenges for me.
As I've been none-too-shy in discussing in the past, we co-sleep. It makes breastfeeding so much easier, and frankly, I can't imagine not cuddlesleeping with Snapdragon. What began as co-sleeping with separate sleep surfaces (in theory) has grown, as he's grown, which is a lot, into out and out co-bedding. Our sweet little separate surface co-sleeping unit was sadly only two feet long. Well, he was only two feet long for all of ten minutes, or so it feels. Really, he had completely outgrown it by about 12 weeks.

So this, Super-chickie baby. (I really think they look more chicks tha... on Twitpic is now this NOT THE CRIB! on Twitpic

That is, unless it's closer to this, minus the Boppy and the underhead blanket, plus a little snuggles. yeah, we roll like dat on Twitpic

And now that we're co-bedding and he's ROLLING OVER, I have a whole new set of concerns to deal with. Like, if I get up to pee in the night, how do I know that he won't roll off the bed (other than the completely out-of-it milk-drunk stupor he tends to sleep in)?

Then there is also the issue of nap time. See earlier crib-shot for reference. It's not that this If only it lasted more than 3 minutes. on Twitpic never happens, it's just that it rarely lasts more than 10 minutes. It'd be nice if it frequently lasted more than 3. Now, on my bed? Sure. On the floor? You betcha. Bouncy seat? Why not. In the swing? No problem... just not for very long, and again, SomeBaby has decided to get all mobile on me.

Not that I'd change him for anything.
I wouldn't.
I LOVE waking up in the middle of the night all snuggled beside my sweet Snapdragon. I love the way he nurses to sleep and then cuddles so gently for a while. I love being able to smell him and hear him breathing beside me. I love the ease of soothing his wakeful wimpers before they become out and out cries. I love having Mr. Rollingpants in the bed with me. I even love giggling quietly when he goes back to sleep with milk dots on his forehead.

Just sometimes wish that the simplest things were a tad bit simpler, or maybe that I could just linger over the sweet snuggly parts without having to worry, so soon, about the rolling off the bed parts.

5 reflections:

AmyAnne said...

Oh man. Reading this makes me realize how much my baby isn't a baby anymore and how much I could easily miss the baby smell, touch, snuggle. The simplicity of it all. Yep, it just gets more complicated and wonderful and frightening all at the same time :-)

Jessie Kaitlin said...

I'm so THERE. Still cosleeping, but it's getting cramped. Crib is full of junk..

It's amazing to see how much he has grown!

Anna said...

I loved cosleeping. However, I had to move her to her crib once she was moving so much I couldn't sleep. Have you tried laying a nursing pad you have been using or something that smells like you next to him in the crib when he naps. That worked miracles for us. She would maybe sleep a whole 30 minutes instead of 5. Haha. She's never been a napper.

Say It With Roses said...

Happy Pink Saturday!
I am a grandma now, but I always did a lot of co-sleeping with mine....and with my grandbabies. Words can't express the warm fuzzy feeling of having a little one close!

Jess said...

YAY it means he's growing & striving just like he's supposed too! I think its time to start planning a new one ;)