Saturday, August 29, 2009

With These Hands

So it's official.
These 12 (Gerber)prefolds are going to get a lot of wear.
Why are they going to get a lot of wear?
Because my washer died. That's why.
Died how you ask?
In the non-draining broken pump kind of way.
We knew it was coming eventually, what with the noises it's been making, but it's still not so much fun when you're a full fledged 100% cloth diapering family.
So yeah, my dozen, cutely embellished because that's how I roll, prefolds are going to be getting a LOT of wear.
Everyone who is big on the hand washing says it's the best way to go, and that makes sense since if I get worried about how clean they're coming, I can boil them, which is something I'd NEVER do with pockets.

So since I've started using prefolds as my primary diaper, yesterday, I've learned something. 1. Three covers is not enough. Since Snapdragon is exclusively Breastfed, there is that whole poo-splosion thing that tends to get on the covers by the leg. Yes, this is because I fold my prefolds in thirds beneath the cover. Why? Because it's E to the A to the S to the Y. EASY.
I do have pins and plastic pants, but they leave red marks on his legs and the pins make me N-E-R-V-O-U-S. Which is strange, since I used them with Mongoosine all the time, but I was 10 years younger and therefore less paranoid.

Of our three covers, we have a Berry Plush, a Thirsties Duo Wrap, and the GroBaby shell set which I use with prefolds after he soaks the snap in soaker. Of these, oddly, I have to say, I like the way the GroBaby works with the prefolds best. The Duo Wrap would probably have my heart a little more, but it's quite nearly too small for my hulking 3.5month old, and so it's a little harder to wrestle on Mr. Snapdragon Rollingpants.

So yeah. I'll be washing these by hand.

From what I've read this means hot hot hot water, possibly disinfecting a plunger to use in my big sink in the garage as an agitator, and getting my self psyched to strip if I need to.
Not me, the diapers. Get your mind out of the gutter and back in the potty where this post started!

I've also read that I might need some sort of hand protective gear since detergents can be nasty on the skin. Eep! With my latex allergy, this should be interesting.

I'll keep you posted!

10 reflections:

Thrifty Mama B said...

Oh my! Best of luck with your fab folds :) Liking the zebra print too by the way ;)

Jessie Kaitlin said...

I'm allergic to latex too. Big suck.

Sorry your washer died :( It sounds like both our washer AND dryer are on their way out.

I've never experimented with hand washing, but I hope it all goes well for you!!

Krista said...

I'll get you box ready to go & will mail it Friday afternoon. That'll give you 4 or 5 more covers to use :)

Calley said...

I would so like to hear about the handwashing. I've never actually looked into the details but I'm not so sure I'm up for it. Email me...would love to know more...even just as a reference.

Jess said...

Ok I have a deal for you! You come use my washer & ill come use your dryer! K thanks! LOL for real when it rains it pours I actually think I broke my toe by kicking my dryer the other day when I went to get my inserts & they were wet & smelly >:(

Annie said...

oh wow, that really stinks!

I found your blog from the adventures in babywearing button :)

Those are adorable PFs btw!

Pamela said...

I like the grobaby shell with prefolds better than the grobaby with its own snap in thingys.

I think Target has non-latex elbow length gloves, btw. I think they're even sort of cute.

You can do it!!!

Jennifer said...

Oh dear. I do hope your washer situation is resolved soon!!! How did you get your prefolds to look so snazzy??? Yes, definitely more than 3 covers. I have 5 covers and that is a decent number (also have a poosplosionary baby). The Thirsties are by far my favorite, but my girl is outgrowing her smalls - she is already 5 months and 18 pounds, can't believe we made them last this long! Go with the size 2 Duowraps, you'll love love love them for a long long time. Good luck!

Slee said...

@Jennifer- I just sewed a strip of fabric down the center of each. I like/d to quilt and so I have some niftiness laying around from my quilting stash.

@Pamela I will have to look into the gloves at Target, thanks!

@Annie, welcome and Yay babywearing!

@Jess, I hope your toe is okay! I'm sorry that your dryer is sucktastic. We had one that used to rip holes in my clothes. They'd be dry, but what was the point, right? I hope that your dryer issues turn out to be easier resolved than you'd otherwise expect.

@JessieKaitlin, aw man, latex allergy is sucktastic. I hope that your washer and dryer hold out for a good long time.

@Mama B, The Zebra Chair, as we call it, was my great grandmothers. It wasn't zebra-rific back then, but a very staid damask which my cat began shredding years ago. The zebra print is actually a really nice skirt that I loved to death until I got too chunky to wear it. Instead of saving it for "Maybe" fitting again, I decided I'd rather enjoy both things, so I recovered the chair. The back of the chair is just some black fabric I've had for a while too, since my skirt was actually just BARELY big enough.

Upstatemomof3 said...

I am so interested to see how this goes. We plan on hand washing when we EVENTUALLY get to Eygiopia. But of course that is only for a week.