Thursday, August 13, 2009

Things I Want Thursday

So yeah, I usually blog all the great giveaways (most of which get announced on Fridays or Mondays) on Saturday, but this week I've been so drained that I just couldn't do it.
Not til tonight when I realized, *gasp* that I've now recieved all the fluffy mail I've won and been expecting, and there's some more winning that's gotta happen if our stash is going to grow. (other than very non-hintingly, okay, blatantly mentioning to family members that if they wanted to buy me this, I'd be okay with that! size M, ftr)While I had been supposing that a two day stash is sufficient, when we got down to prefolds and plastic pants today while doing laundry, I realized that maybe a few more would be a great idea, especially since he's about two outgrow a few entirely. (At least I can put them up for the next, right?)

So, this week I'm really hoping to win some of these giveaways.
Cloth Diaper Blog is giving away 3 Bum Genius and babylegs for Feed Your Stash Friday. You guys know I'm a sucker for babylegs!

The Eco Chic is hosting a giveaway for a GAD, and I'm all kinds of wanting to try a GAD!

The Cloth Diaper Report is giving away a Rocky Mountain one size diaper which would mooove me to smile if it were on Snapdragon's bottom side!

The Cloth Diaper Experiment is giving away a three pack of FuzziBunz, and I love how very very soft they are, so I would LOVE to win those. Especially since Snapdragon's only FuzziBunz is lavender and too big for him. (I know, who would have thought that anything would be too big for my 3 month old who's sporting 12mo clothes!)

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You cloth diaper whore!