Monday, August 31, 2009

Body After Baby Challenge- Fit by Labor Day 3

What's that you say?
Shouldn't it be more like 7????
Yes, yes it should.
So where have I been?
Sitting on my FAT arse eating lots of CHOCOLATE.
Not walking.
Not swimming.
Eating my emotions and mad at myself for doing it.
Well, til after the funeral.
I woke up the next morning drained, but less moved to eat anything with cocoa powder in it.
I'm not saying that I didn't just eat a bowl of icecream today, but I also went swimming today, and I went on a long family walk in the nice crisp fall air under a dappled blue sky.
And I went swimming the day before yesterday.
And the day before that.
I have been moving.
I remembered my tried and true rule of eating LESS fats, and MORE fiber, and my jeans are fitting more loosely. My arms don't seem to be going anywhere, but that's okay, because they miraculously haven't enlarged either.

This isn't fair to me to put it this way. I *have* been swimming. I *have* been walking. It's just been a lot more hit & miss than I had intended.

So starting weight: 210 lbs
Goal- lose 5lbs and tighten up a little (especially my arms)

Current weight: 203 lbs
Hips tighter, arms may be making headway, but if they are, I can't see it.

I was, actually surprised that I've lost weight. So go team PURPLE. I hope you are all still sticking with this. I'be personally been a little overwhelmed, so my apologies.

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Drahdrah said...

Sounds like you're back on the right track... 7 lbs down already, that's awesome. I've passed along a SPLASH award to you on my blog. I think you're great, so if you do the award thing, go check it out !