Thursday, July 30, 2009

Twelve Week Update

We are twelve weeks in.
In the last twelve weeks Snapdragon has gone from hardly having the energy to look around to staring at anything and everything with a great deal of concentration.
He likes to watch the cats or daddy walk through the room and has got the whole turning of the head to see where they disappeared to thing down pretty well now.
Today he discovered grass in the garden. He was quite fascinated with it. It was not only green, but it stuck up out of the under him hard surface, moved when the great invisible pushed on him, and even came with it's own smell.
Quite the interesting specimen for study.
At twelve whole great big weeks old Snapdragon still does not believe in the inherent goodness of naps, but has developed a certain affinity for playing "mimick that vowel sound." He likes this game so much that he continues to babble for quite a while after the adult or child involved in the game has stopped so much making vowel sounds and has rather moved on to greater linguistic feats, such as asking questions which Snapdragon loves to answer.
At twelve weeks he is still wearing his fluffies with pride. No, mommy hasn't gotten tired of washing them, drying them, folding them, and taking numerous pictures of him wearing them. Snapdragon suspects that his mommy might be a tad obsessed with his fluffies, but only has the fact that she only puts clothes on him if it's too cold to go around in just the fluffy.
At twelve weeks Snapdragon has graduated from the cradle carry in his pouch sling to riding tummy to tummy in it. He prefers the view options this affords him.
At twelve weeks in Snapdragon is beginning to enjoy carrides more and more, no longer screaming every time he straps into his carseat, but only most of the times.
At twelve weeks, Snapdragon has discovered the art of sucking on his thumb. This does confuse mommy a bit when trying to determine whether or not he's hungry. This brings me to one of my points of pride.
At twelve weeks in, Snapdragon is still an exclusively breastfed baby.
So it's twelve weeks in, and all is well.

3 reflections:

~ April ~ EnchantedDandelions said...

I'm sitting here, nursing my twelve MONTH old baby, and wondering where the hell time went... *bittersweet tears*

What a lovely update. <3

Chic Mama said...

They change so fast! Fun to hear about all the developments!

Heather said...

He's so cute!

I have something for you on my blog!