Friday, July 24, 2009

Selfish Saturday: the early edition

So yeah, it's still Friday, but its so not appropriate to keep adding weekly giveaways to the same "I want to win it so bad I can taste it" post as their week prior predecessors. Right?

So first and foremost, I would LOVE to win this weeks Fluff Friday giveaway, of not one but TWO GroBaby shell sets. Snapdragon has glorious Blackberry GroBaby diaper, and not only does he love it, but I love it. Furthermore, the absorbant goodness would be far less lonely spending extra time hangin' out or in the drier if it weren't all by itself, well, with a towel, but you kow what I mean.
Did I mention I heart GroBaby? The peeps over at The Natural Baby Company know their fluff.

The Cloth Diaper Blog is having a giveaway this week for two Kissaluvs Marvels. No, in the spirit of full disclosure, Snapdragon already has the zoo blue one, but he likes it's softness and so do I. Granted, we seriously need more than just one diaper cover to go over the top of it and his other fitted, he'd still love to have this, and then the one he does have wouldn't feel so darn lonely in the drier.

A Giveaway Every Day is giving away a lagoon blue Plush Pad by Ah Goo Baby, and I'm sure you recall that I want one of those too. So yeah, all your plush pad should belong to me. K? Thx.

I'd love to win the BumGenius giveaway being hosted over at Dirty Diaper Laundry. We have one BG, and I have to say, the thing holds in all sorts of poosplosions like it's a matter of national security.
The same site has a giveaway for Teething Bling going on right now, and I really would love some of that, because the drool coming out of this kid's mouth tells me that he coulduse some teething bling, and lets face it, having your teether around mommy's neck is infinitely more convenient than having it somewhere in a diaperbag or on the floor!
Dirty Diaper Laundry is also giving away a Mommy Necklace, and these, I read, are great for nursing distractable babies, and well... distractable!baby, I haz wun.

There's also a FuzziBunz giveaway I wouldn't mind winning in the least at Baby Good Buys.

Organic Girl has some truly excellent giveaways going on at the moment. She's offering the winner of one their choice of either a GroBaby or an AMP Duo One Size.
Then she has another giveaway, sponsored by Cuddlebunz Boutique, where the winner gets to choose between a GroBaby, HautPocket, Bumwear, or Pocket Change, and the hardest part will be picking!

JessieKaitlin, Mama to the littlest lovebug, is giving away a SweetPea Diaper on her blog too!

Life More Simply is having a HUGE cloth diaper giveaway extravaganza at the moment, and to be honest, I would like to win nearly all of it, though I'm particularly enamored of the woolies. Really want to try some wool out on Snapdragon's bottom. I love it because it's not a heavily processed or unnatural material, and therefore is so much greener than PUL. Plus, they're reusable between cleanings, which further reduces environmental impact. None of that nasty washing machine waste! So head on over there to check out giveaways for the following:

Newly Wed, Newly Bred is giving away a Funky Diaper Co. Diaper, and I just think the skulls are adorable in a Day of the Dead kinda way. Squee! So cute.

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