Friday, July 03, 2009

Cloth Diapers are Greener By Far, But Knowing What's Coming is Cooler

Cloth diapers rock. And little man Snapdragon is rockin' out some right now, so as usual, I'm in the mood to talk cloth, especially since I'm not right this second "washing the fluffies."
It has come to my attention that one fluffies company has come out with two new products, and you know how I love new products. Kissaluvs has introduced their Marvel One-Size fitted diaper. I love this because I'm a huge fan of the versatility of an OS diaper, even if they invariably leave something to be wanted in terms of trimness. They've also introduced their new Cloth-n-Go bag.
The new Marvel One Size has 3 layers plus a snap in soaker for extra absorbancy, and a bamboo velour inner. Yay bamboo!
Get this, the Cloth-n-Go bag has a PUL liner so it's waterproof! But the neatest part on these, I think, are the spiffy prints they come in, but they're still not released to retailers yet, so keep on the lookout for them.

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