Thursday, June 25, 2009

Selfishly Green

So like I've said before, I'm trying to raise Snapdragon to be as sustainable as possible, and in doing so, the number one most sustainable product I've come across for him is cloth diapers. And it turns out there are some truly FANTASTIC cloth diapers out there. Pins are a thing of the past for most of the ones people are using today, and that just tickles me pink.
The only problem with cloth diapers is sticker shock. They can be a little cost prohibitive *up front,* even though in the long run they save you a ton of money.
So, because of that, I'm constantly scouring the interwebz looking for the latest in opportunities to win a nice fluffy for Snapdragon's little bottom. Today I've decided to selfishly share what I've found with you. If you go to any of the following sites, you'll see just how selfish this is of me to share this information with you. Nothing selfless about it.

There are 3 sites currently doing esbaby cloth diapers giveaways. That's right. Three.
Our Life Upstate is giving away an quick drying AIO.
Monkeytoes Reviews and Giveaways is offering an esbaby fitted and wrapping cover.
Look What Mom Found is offering a true AIO.
And if you don't win any of these, you can always buy one from Christine at

Newly Wed, Newly Bred reviewed and is giving away a GAD Baby diaper.

As is the case every week, The Cloth Diaper Whisperer has her Fluff Friday contest going. This week a lucky winner is going to be wrapping 3 Haute Pockets around their little one's bum.

There's an Apple Cheeks giveaway going on over at so fawned.

Our Life Upstate also has a Smartipants giveaway going on right now too, and so does Monkeytoes Reviews and Giveaways!!!
Full Nest is giving away a Smartipants diaper as well.

There are two Thirsties giveaways to enter, one at Mama Notes and Mama Momo and the other at Cloth Diaper Blog.

Barefoot Mommy is also giving away a The Funky Diaper Company diaper.

Thrifty Mama Bee has a LolliDoo giveaway going on through Sunday too.

Over at Battle of the Knits there's a WOOL SOAKER giveaway for whoever links to her the most because she wants to get to at least 100 followers.

There are also a couple going on on twitter right now, so follow @diapershops @rumparooz and @bumgenius to get in on them!

So go, enter, and win some ecological goodness for your sustainable baby, or maybe just maybe I'll get lucky and win some for mine!

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Denise said...

Cool!!! I've got to get busy entering all those contests!! Good Luck to you!!!