Wednesday, June 10, 2009

It's Raining Babies Upstate! - Baby Sister's Shower

We're throwing a virtual shower for Baby Sister!!!
Here's the plan. Blog about your best baby stories, or reflect on the advise that has proven the most helpful and meaningful for you, especially in dealing with multiple kids, because with three, somebody's gonna be busy! Then links to your posts in the comments and I'll compile them all neatly for our guest of honor!
Don't forget to suggest good books to read to baby, and suggest some fun songs that Baby Sister just has to hear. Better yet, link us to a great YouTube video of you singing or reading for Baby Sister, or your special message for mom. The possibilities are endless.
Want to send a physical gift? Let me know and I'll get you an address to mail it to.
Stay tuned for announcements of the twitter party for @Upstatemomof3 and Baby Sister, because while we can't play the clothespin game, we can swap stories and share the warm fuzzies.

Baby Sister- we celebrate you!