Saturday, May 23, 2009


Love is not caving when you're at your absolute worst. Love is breastfeeding your baby even though your boobs are engorged and nipples sore, and you know its gonna be three kinds of painful hell to get a proper latch.
Love is having a splitting, squeezing, every light is a knife through my eye/ I can barely brreathe for the pain migraine and not caving in and saying "honey, can you give him a bottle of that formula the hospital sent home because I'm dying over here."
Love is not taking fancy meds that might take the pain away because you're not sure about their safety and your little one matters more than your own ability to cope with the pain.
Love is going on 2 1/2 weeks of sleep deprivation and saying "we are going to stick with this thing because its best for you."
That's love.
Even when he pees on you.

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Emma said...

Lovely - have linked to it from my blog - hope this is OK!