Thursday, May 28, 2009

Jury Duty and the Nursing Mama

I live in Illinois, and today got a jury summons in the mail.
For one horrified second I was picturing sitting in the jury box while gory details of a crime are being shown powerpoint style while Snapdragon nurses fitfully on my lap. Then a worse scenario occurred to me: Snapdragon crying for his mommy while some well intentioned family member tries to poke an artificial nipple in his mouth, meanwhile I'm stuck listening to poorly constructed arguments about how someone paperswindled someone else, bored out of my skull, milk running down my belly and worried that Snapdragon is inconsolable.
Don't get me wrong, I've always wanted to serve on a juryan so its not like I was looking for an out. That said, I was relieved to remember:
Public Act 094-0391 Exempts nursing mothers from jury service  Effective Jan 1, 2006 The Jury Act was amended to include: “any mother nursing her child shall, upon request, be excused from jury service”.                    
I've already called and been told to disregard said summons.
Sometimes its nice to live in a breastfeeding-friendly state.

2 reflections:

Upstatemomof3 said...

That is good - you can always serve on a jury when your lo is older. I would have been just as freaked out if I were to receive a jury summons right now. I do know that being a SAHM excuses you too. When my kiddos are all in school I hope to get called - it would be neat.

Pamela said...

i live in new york, and they are not so nice. i had to get a doctor's note to say i was excused due to nursing. stupid.