Saturday, December 04, 2010

Help Where It's Needed

My dear friend Joni Rae is a wonderful mom, friend, and blogger with a big heart.
When she was 17, and pregnant with her beautiful daughter Hannah, she lived in a shelter for single moms who had no where else to be.
I can relate to this, having been a 19 year old mom, I know that it's hard.  So when I read that Joni Rae puts together gift baskets for the young moms, not their babies, for Christmas, and was looking for people to help donate items for them, I knew that this was the sort of holiday generosity I wanted to get behind and support.
There are 8 young women in the teen mom shelter she gives to, and she's looking for little things that will make them feel cared for.
So, I'm asking you to help out, or do one better, and find out what you can do for the teen moms in your area, and then help out.

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Joni Rae said...

Oh Slee!!! Thank you so much for posting this. You ROCK.